The Story of Peperoni Ripieni di Nonna Giovanna  

The Story of Peperoni Ripieni di Nonna Giovanna












Brielle Guozzo came on as a marketing and PR intern for one semester, and then loved it here so much, she decided to stay longer. We can’t blame her! Colavita is and will always be, a family environment where food and fun is always part of the work agenda!

Brielle shared with us the story of her Grandmother Giovanna’s Stuffed Peppers:

“Come in, come in! Sit down, eat, mangia, MANGIA!” These were the words my Nonna always said as soon as we stepped through the door of her house. As a little girl, every week we would go to my grandma’s for Sunday dinner. Each Sunday, a scrumptious Italian feast was placed before my entire family, making all of our eyes pop and mouths hang open. The woman behind it all was Giovanna, my Sicilian grandmother. She always thought of food as a way to celebrate and come together as a family, which is one of the reasons she loved to cook so much. I always thought of my grandma as the best chef in the world, so it is only right I share her recipes with fellow foodies. Peperoni Ripieni (“Stuffed Peppers” in Italian) was one of those dishes where each bite would taste like a little piece of heaven.

Get the recipe for Peperoni Ripieni di Nonna Giovanna.

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Do you have a recipe for stuffed peppers? Where did you get it from? Share in the comments!

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