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  1. Deanna Thompson B

    I have a question about olives and how many times pressed, or is this a misnomer.
    Back years ago I have seen in our stores Virgin olive oil; Extra Virgin olive oil
    Somewhere I was reading that olives were pressed once and oil was (maybe the first pass through the press to be called Virgin
    Then they were re-run through the press again and this second pass was Extra virgin olive oil?
    I do not see anything but extra virgin oil in our stores now. And was wondering of the process of olive oil pressing for extraction of oil and if the olive was pressed numerous times. And if so, for what each of pressings use be.

    Deanna THOMPSON Beasley

    • Marketing Intern 2

      Hi Deanna! Virgin versus Extra Virgin olive oil is a topic that commonly surfaces.
      While the methods of production for these oils are slightly different (Extra Virgin is ALWAYS cold pressed), the main differentiation lies in the level of acidity between the two. Extra Virgin is the term to describe an oil that has an acidity level of less than 1%, while Virgin oils have an acidity rate of between 1-2%. Keep in mind that oils are natural foods- if oil is left on the shelf for a long period of time, it is likely its acidity level to slightly rise (just as food expires when left out for a certain period of time). For more information, please visit

  2. joyce sarno

    Please tell me where I can buy Cirio tomato products. My local supermarket had some for a while but not any more. I love your products, especially the extra virgin oils and Cirio tomato products. I don’t want to buy online, I want to be able to purchase at a supermarket. My zip code is 01835. I am willing to travel 10-20 miles to a market. Please let me know where I can purchase locally. thank you, Joyce Sarno

    • Laura Lifshitz

      Hi Joyce!
      You can find Cirio at Shaws & S&S and Wegmans.
      We are so happy you love our products!

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