The Story of Fresh Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

The Story of Fresh Cabbage and Cucumber Salad

Alexandra Segal

For July’s edition of Casa Colavita, we’re happy to feature Alexandra Segal, our Marketing Manager for Colavita USA.
Read on about Alexandra’s love for food and her recipe for Fresh Cabbage and Cucumber Salad!

“Coming from a Russian background, I’ve been brought up to see food as a means of social success. Growing up in a family that had many a gathering, I’ve been taught how to cook since about the age of 14 and as I became an adult, my passion for food only developed more fully through my various experiences both at home and outside. This particular recipe has always been a universal crowd pleaser at social gatherings and I don’t remember exactly how I incorporated it into my arsenal, but it is a rather fresh take on the traditional, mayonnaise-heavy cold Russian salad. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Russian food, but I do enjoy a few traditional dishes, and in this case, the heavily traditional Russian vegetable – the cabbage, used fresh, adds a great texture to the flavorful herbs and fresh cucumbers. Dill is one of two staple herbs in Russian cooking, the second one being parsley, because it goes well with lots of heavier vegetables and meats, and retains a lot of flavor during the cooking process. It is also used in pickling and preserving, which Russian cuisine is famous for. This recipe traditionally uses white distilled vinegar, but I substituted it with my favorite Colavita Chardonnay Balsamic Vinegar as it adds even more flavor and a hint of sweetness to the fresh vegetables. This salad is super easy to make and complements any main dish on your summer table.”

Get the recipe for Fresh Cabbage and Cucumber Salad and enjoy an easy and perfect summer salad today!

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